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Advertising 1960

Posted by rotgold on December 20, 2006


It is interesting how advertising changed! I found the image on the website of the Arab Image Foundation, an organisation which aims to promote photography in the Middle East and to preserve the photographic heritage of this region. Maybe you might even find a photo of your great-grand-father ;-) http://www.fai.org.lb/

Above image, 1960-1969, Copyright Arab Image Foundation


8 Responses to “Advertising 1960”

  1. Fonzy said

    i remember someone saying “there is no way i am gonna post anything” :P hmmmmmmmmmm i wonder who said that !

  2. Fonzy said

    well u know how they say “u can never forget ur first kiss” well now u will never forget ur first post and ur first commentor…. ME!! :D

  3. rotgold said

    Do I know you? ;-)

  4. Fonzy said

    thats how u greet ur first commentor?????? tayyyyeeeb…. ok… mashy;)

  5. rotgold said

    u r not my first commentor … check my other posts ;-)

  6. Cyrus said

    fonzy,, she’s not nouna :)))

  7. Fonzy said

    hse’s not?!?! oops :P sorry my bad… i thought she was

  8. Cyrus said

    no, coz we were trying to log nouna in.. it took her less than one minute to loose her password:))

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