“ratlab scientists” famous quote when they see lots of habal!

Just Couples

Posted by Kook on December 19, 2006

Recently everywhere i go i see ppl coupled? Ya3ni a couple here, a couple there … ok so sho fee ya jama3eh?? What is going on here? Don’t ppl want to be single and enjoy life anymore? Well, i believe that ppl r just coupling up just to be coupled and to be seen as a couple… no feelings, no atrraction, just for the sake of it and to look good! Well for gods sake thats dull and HABBAL. I mean i have witnessed it, the banat just want to have a guy just to say they have a guy and to be seen with a guy, and vise versa for the shabab. I do admit its nice to be a couple bas only if u feel attraction, connection and i could go on forever ;). Bas just coz we r in q8 ya jama3eh that doesnt mean we should just couple up just to be coupled. This is really FREAKING me out! Are guys really approaching us for the right reasons? or just to be… and i say it again COUPLED! So which one will it be for you… Single and Lovin it? or Coupled and lovin it?


8 Responses to “Just Couples”

  1. Cyrus said

    mmm… can i be both? :))

  2. dutchman said

    Man you really need help!
    Told you earlier that buying shoes won’t remotely help you! And Dan agrees with me :)
    Besides try not to forget that you’ll be in Lebanon pretty soon (Unlike some of us).

  3. Fonzy said

    how bout lovin being single when single and lovin dating when dating. am guessing u r single :)

  4. Kook said

    Thats for u to guess… and for me to know ;)

  5. Kook said

    mmm… well r u both Cyrus?

  6. DAN said

    kook u’ve mentioned something freaky the (forever) thing :O this is what makes being coupled haven comparing to the life time penalty that u’r suggesting :) sorry I disagree with u

  7. Cyrus said

    Yes.. i am :)

  8. Kook said

    Dan u always disagree with me… u never AGREE! :P and i said “i could go on forever” i mean here the qualities i see that should be between the couple… the connection, attraction. So u could put “etc” instead of “i could go on forever”

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