“ratlab scientists” famous quote when they see lots of habal!


Posted by Kook on December 18, 2006

Boss is out of town (bass calls like every second!), finished all my work (even the pending :P ), 3azalet my drawers, no NETKA! and only an hour to go and i’m off to La Maison… So what to do? Well, i chit chatted on the phone a bit, listened to a couple of songs, played a few cards games here and there than i started playing “Minesweeper”, i read the instructions and balashet TAK TIK. You might find it odd or think i’m weird bas it was real fun. Especially that funny face, watch what he does when you check on the spaces and than he’ll put on his sunglasses @ the end once you find all the mines :). Well i got 10 seconds on the beginners level so let me see someone beat that! :P Anybody up for the challenge? :)

P.S. Plz note that i was still, la hala2 SOBER @ work when i wrote this


9 Responses to “Minesweeper”

  1. Cyrus said

    since u hv a long way to go with no internet access.. go for solitaire tomorrow:))

  2. Dan said

    alla yekabrik ya baba :)

  3. Cyrus said

    kook? r u ok? where r u? don’t leave us alone in the dark!!!!! :((

  4. Kook said

    I did Cyrus :) i even tried it as Solitaire VEGAS and it really did feel like vegas… one hand on the mouse and the other eating peanuts :P 3amleh CASINO bel shigel :)

  5. Kook said

    Lek ya HABIBI…this game u r talking about is for SMART ppl :P So let me see u beat 10 SECONDS! Sho meen el KEBEER hala2 ya DAN?

  6. dutchman said

    Sorry to say it Kook but beating the 10 seconds is pretty easy…
    There are some tricks about the game that you should learn to make it easier for you!
    Try going to the Expert level and try to finish it in 90 or 95 seconds, that’s when you’re pretty good.
    Good Luck

  7. Kook said

    Actually Dutchman I”m no expert in this game so thats why i played the beginners level… Besides i didnt get any comments from anybody trying to beat my score! ;) So u must admit i won bee SHARAF :)

  8. dutchman said

    Gotta hand it to you kook, I believe no one, besides us, tries to play this game.
    Actually, this game is one of the side effects of doing the military service for a year! :(
    But the game is nice though…

  9. DAN said

    kook u’r very smart girl(enjoy this moment) :)
    but awal chi mane 7abibik ;)i guess i know who is !!!
    tene chi playing with Minesweeper doesn’t make u a smart person ya baba plus u were playing on the beginners level :) oh yeah that’s very smart :P ….
    get a real life (the life that u want) that what makes u smart…

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