“ratlab scientists” famous quote when they see lots of habal!

Its Been a WEEK…

Posted by Kook on December 17, 2006

internet.jpgKhalas i just can’t take this anymore! I’ve had it! Ya3ni 3an jad i feel like i’m on a dessert going CRAZY. It’s been a week today… yes scientist’s it has been a WHOLE week! and still no net @ work :( First is was the subscription (ok mesh problem, handled) than came the cabling ranch in the area (ok mesh ma3oul, can’t handle!) Yani plz khalsouna baa2! Bas i can say that with this tajrebeh i discovered something about myself… and yes ppl i’m proud and fakhourah to say… that.. i’m a “netaholic” and i need @ least 2 shots of NETKA during work. Fa sar fene ooul Cyrus’s famous jumleh… “Ya Rabbeh… Ya Rabbeh” mesh bas 3al HABBAL bas also 3ala 7AZI :(

P.S. Plz note that i was sober @ work when i wrote this ;)


5 Responses to “Its Been a WEEK…”

  1. Cyrus said

    always look at the bright side Kook, no internet = no emails = LESS WORK :)) anyway, i loved your term: “netaholic”,, u should consider it as a nickname:)

  2. Kook said

    Khallas Cyrus batalet 7elwe to change my nickname my fellow fans r going to get confused :)… as for the net i was looking @ the bright side for 1,2 and 3 days bas finish i got bored and impatient its been a WEEK ya 3ami :)

  3. Fonzy said

    looking forward to a “not” sober post :) wanna see what innovative quotes u will come up with then :P

  4. Kook said

    It has been a WEEK and a DAY today…NEWS FLASH: A colleague @ work has told me that the same problem has occurred with the cables last year and that they didn’t have internet for around 2 WEEKS! Ya 7abibi… Ya3ni emtouwleh el 2assah! :(

  5. Kook said

    Thx Fonzy :) I’m actually looking forward to my “not” sober posts as well… so plz do await ;)

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