“ratlab scientists” famous quote when they see lots of habal!

Invasion !

Posted by perfect eLement on December 17, 2006

Cick to enlargeThat’s what happens when u leave ur office for 3 hours.. u come back and BOOM!! u find out that someone (which u can’t really argue with) dumped tons of archive materials , blocking ur way in to your office:) not only that, this someone claims that all this belong to me and my clients.. Man, some of these items goes back to year 1973:)) A YEAR WHICH I WASN’T EVEN BORN YET…. :)))


2 Responses to “Invasion !”

  1. Fonzy said

    lock ur office! :)

  2. rotgold said

    What do u expect of someone who puts candles in my cereal bowl??? ;-)

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