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Lunch @ Fudruckers !

Posted by perfect eLement on December 14, 2006

click to enlargeYa man ma ba3rif chou darab 3a rasseh el yom and i ordered Steak Burger… Toul 3omreh i go for the third pounder plain and simple burger.. but today nooooooooo!!!,, i wanted to change.. AM THE MAN OF CHANGE !!! AM THE DUDEEE !!! ya3neh sada2 el matal yalli 2al: “yalli bighayyir 3adtoh, bt2ell s3adto”.. fa @ the end, badal ma nekoul chi tayib, akalnah el dareb:) anyway, no harm done.. nbala3it.. bass fia ktir dehen and the platter presentation looked very poor and weird:(


5 Responses to “Lunch @ Fudruckers !”

  1. DAN said

    min ken ma3ak ??? :) chou el machkal wein balch ta u end up with a stick i mean a steak ;)

  2. Cyrus said

    ma fhemet wala kelmeh men yalli 2eltoh Dan:)

  3. Moey said

    ana shayefa mesh hal 2ad bad

  4. Cyrus said

    Moey, the steak was so dead man.. as if the Chef who prepared the meal dalloh yodrob bel steak hummer la tala3lah rou7a lal steak :))

  5. Moey said


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