“ratlab scientists” famous quote when they see lots of habal!

Shawerma Place

Posted by perfect eLement on December 13, 2006

Click to enlargeDonno why exactly am posting this, but it is my favorite Shawerma place so DON’T LAUGH, OK??… ya3neh for six years now in Kuwait, i’ve visited almost 70 Shawerma places.. and so far, this is the only snack place that passed the test:)) coz i think he has the closest taste of the one nex to my house in Beirut “Tico Tico” :)) So i advice you to stop laughing and go to Salmiah next to Sultan supermarket(sea side) and enjoy a nice sandwish there:)) wou d3ouleh bel kheir.. (btw, i beleive when someone i know in the states will read this, baddoh ynattif cha3ratoh lianno mech 3erif kiff badoh ytale3neh men 3e2dit el Shawerma:)))


3 Responses to “Shawerma Place”

  1. Kook said

    Sa7ten … 3an jad ma3ak 7a2 kter tayeb hal shawerma :) bas fe atyab kaman…

  2. Cyrus said

    yes.. i know.. but again, not close to my beloved “Tico Tico” :))

  3. DAN said

    hala2 weslet la tico tico bas choufkou fi 2ela khabriye :)

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