“ratlab scientists” famous quote when they see lots of habal!

Sex or Chocolate

Posted by rotgold on December 10, 2006


What can you have on demand, lasts as long as you want and always leaves you satisfied? If you answered sex, stop reading now. You have obviously no need for chocolate. For the rest of you – make a date with Chocolate & More, a Kuwaiti ambition to sell chocolates made in heaven.  There you will find confections for everyone … and you tell me what is better – sex or chocolate ;-) Check it out http://www.chocolates-more.com


4 Responses to “Sex or Chocolate”

  1. Dan said

    Do expect from our scientists to say chocolate
    hehehe @ least not me :)
    If u asked a sister in the church she won’t tell ya chocolate ;)
    i think kook will have a comments on that :P

  2. KOOK said

    Actually ya DAN my MAN … the chocolates look so good that i wouldnt mind having a taste myself.. as for the sister in the church i wouldnt know :P

  3. Dan said

    what’s the story of ya DAN my MAN??? :-O

  4. KOOK said

    i just thought it has a nice ring to it ;) …

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