“ratlab scientists” famous quote when they see lots of habal!

Sex Laws ?!?! Even Q8 tolo3lah tartusheh !

Posted by perfect eLement on December 10, 2006

no_sex_21.gifMan, is this serious or what??? i can’t believe that such things exists in the real world:)) In Uruguay, a man who catches his wife in bed with another man has the right to slice off her nose … In Hungry, it is against the law to have sex with the light on – even if the light is a candle… In Byelorussia, men can beat their wives before making love to them…. on the basis that men who don’t beat their wives don’t really love them… In Hong Kong, if a woman’s husband cheats on her, she is allowed to kill him (and his lover) by law – but only with her bare hands… In New Jersey, courting couples are not fined for “making out” in a car – but they are if the the cars horn goes off – that is considered an obnoxious activity…  When a tasmanian woman’s husband dies she is required by law to wear her dead husband’s penis around her neck… In Jordan, husbands are legally obliged to make love to wives “at least once every 4 months… in Kuwait it’s illegal for any man to look lustfully at statue of a woman or a female animal… In Venezuela, single men and women are not allowed to have sex with anyone who is a known idiot… In India women are legally obligied to eat carrot seeds as a form of contraception…


3 Responses to “Sex Laws ?!?! Even Q8 tolo3lah tartusheh !”

  1. Dan said

    ufff choofi habal …

  2. Dan said

    ufff choufi habal …

  3. Cyrus said

    why you always comment twice man.. BETA2TI2 CHI???? HAHAHAHAHAHA

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