“ratlab scientists” famous quote when they see lots of habal!


Posted by perfect eLement on December 10, 2006

Dear Scientists:

1- Pictures posted on the ratlab blog today, let it be much smaller if possible for next time.. Shu fa7ess 3youn houeh??? :)))

2- Today we have witnessed lots of posts that included the peaceful, clean, neat and angel face looking issues.. Extremely nice… :) However, we’d like to see as well the other side of you Professors, the bad scientists side that would like to test some rats in the lab and see if they can get transformed into DINOSAURS !!… Talk about things that really hits on the nerve and we all hate it !! Things that you can’t stand anymore and things you would like to change if you were the president!! Things that you love it because you hate it and things that are not what so ever adding value to society, this society, YOUR SOCIETY !!… So start running your engines my fellow Scientists and LETS SHAKE THIS LAB !!

Goodluck… Cyrus



  1. KOOK said

    Ooooouft ya 3ami shou hal talteesh… 3al 2asas badak tsa3endi… i was waiting for some support … WAYNAK ?!… so i just managed myself without any scientists help.. and another thing it is fa7ess 3youn … bas el haya2 Cyrus enge7et le2no lafatelak nazarak FINALLY!

  2. Cyrus said

    in deed !

  3. Dan said

    chou ya men fi 7adan mfakar enak 2a3ma? bas ma 3emel 7seb enak …. any way cyrus el 2a3ma looks good …hehehe b3id el char

  4. rotgold said

    Ok … on your responsibility … bcs we all ll be deported soon ;-)

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