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Comedy Night @ JWT Marriot

Posted by perfect eLement on December 8, 2006

Yesterday night, a hilarious Comedy Night was held at the Courtyard in sharq by a very famous Lebanese Stand up Comedy group. The team included Mario Bassil, Chadi Maroun, Fadi Reaideh and Patricia Dagher.. definitely when you see the pictures, you will know them all coz you see them all the time on TV…. ya3neh i donno how i missed this night!! My brother was lucky enough to watch them coz they are all his friends so they called him the minute they reached the airport on wednesday midnight and told him that they are here in Kuwait for one comedy night show at JWT Marriot. The next day, i was very busy at work as usual so i didn’t have the chance to get all the details from my brother and i missed the show. (i missed it to play Grandizer at starbucks Meshref!?! ). My brother told me that the seats were full, the ambiance was incredible and the performance was amazing… yalla bassita, khayrah bi ghayrah:)..cheers

Mario - Click to enlargeChadi - Click to enlargeFadi - Click to enlargePatricia - Click to enlarge


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